Bob Marshall

Barrister and past Member of Parliament for Medway 1997 to 2010, Chairman of George Adamson Wildlife Trust

Marital Status: Married to Gillian (teaching consultant), 1 daughter (doctor), 1 son (designer), 3 grandchildren.

Education: Mill Hill School; University of Bristol (LL.B); Inns of Court Law School, Grays Inn.

Occupation – Law: Barrister (called 1970), Crown Court Recorder (1982), Queen's Counsel (1987), Bencher, Grays Inn (1996). Prosecuted and defended most forms of serious crime and serious criminals. Specialising in commercial fraud.

Occupation – Writing: Occasional novelist – Palace of Wisdom (published by Hamish Hamilton and Penguin 1989, also published in USA, France and a best seller in Germany) – A Man Without Guilt (published by Methuen 2002). Regular articles in the nationals (Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Sunday Times) and some periodicals (New Statesman, House Magazine, Tribune).

Other: Founder and Trustee George Adamson Wildlife Trust, presently running Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania. Trustee and Chair of Development Committee, Geffrye Museum, London. Chair of Governors, Grey Court School 1987 – 1994

Activities and interests: Scribbling, after dinner speaking, walking, travelling, watching just about any sport, theatre.

Political Career

Constituencies held: Medway 1997, 2001 and 2005 until 2010. 1997 General Election: Robert Marshall-Andrews, Lab 21,858, Con 16,504, Lib Dem 4,555, (Majority: 5,354). 2001 General Election: Robert Marshall-Andrews, Lab 18,914, Con 15,134, Lib Dem 3,604, UKIP 958 (Majority: 3,780). 2005 General Election: Robert Marshall-Andrews, Lab 17,333, Con 17,120, Lib Dem 5,152, Others 1,488 (Majority: 213). All Party Country Groups: USA, Palestine, Georgia

All Party Subject Groups: Animal Welfare, Home Affairs, Environmental, Cricket, Rugby

Political Background: Joined Labour Party 1971, Contested Richmond 1974, Contested Medway 1992, Mem Assoc Labour Lawyers, Greenpeace, Woodland Trust

Political Awards: The Spectator Political Award 1997, Short-listed for Channel 4 Parliamentarian of the Year 1999.

Political Interests: Law Reform, Civil Liberty, Environment, Education, and Economy.

Has a reputation, not wholly deserved, as a backbench dissident and has been described variously as "The thorn in Tony Blair's red rose" (Law Journal); "the leader of Labour's internal opposition" (Telegraph); "The opposition's most talented rebel MP" (Financial Times); "defiantly off message" (Glasgow Herald); "One of Labour's few outspoken rebels" (Guardian); etc,etc. Not particularly hard to achieve given the 1997 and 2001 Governments approach to law reform and civil liberty.